3D systems and interactions

Name Description

Immersive 3D environments

Innovative human-machine interfaces, based on infrared or video technologies, for gestural control of images, video or synthetic sound:

  • Artistic application
  • Assisted multimedia rehabilitation
  • Fitness
  • Advanced domotics
  • Cultural Heritage

This systems exploit commercial devices such as Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion and Oculus rift or custom devices to recognize human gestures. They can be exploited to develop systems for data multimedia control through natural gestures.

The laboratory is able also to create 3D reconstructions freely explorable with diffrent type of scenarios (underwater, medicine, etc.) that can be controlled also through the above mentioned gestural interfaces. 

Audio and Sound

Name Description


System for semi-automatic environmental correction through the realtime response analysis. For:

  • Audio propagation in challenging environment (yacht)
  • Audio propagation at audiophile level

CQ-PE is a semi-automatic system for the environmental acoustics correction and speaker response.


Hardware and software system for sound dynamics recovering. ARIA-DSS recovers sound dynamics lost during mastering phases. 

Noise Active Control

System for noise breakdown through the propagation of antiphase synthetic sounds. 

Sonar for visually-impaired with sound signature generation

Small device for blind that vibrates in an inversely propotional way depending on the distance with obstacles. Max range 7 meters. 

Brain Computer Interface

Name Description

NeuroFeedback/NeuroFitness systems

System that exploits wireless sensors to measure the brain activity. Through proper elaboration, the system is able to calculate indexes relative to the concentration and relaxation. Providing audiovisual feedbacks, the system trains and increases the control of the mental state. The system is composed by a computer, EEG headset, a projector and speakers.

Computational biology

Name Description

3D chromatin

Software reconstruction of 3D chromatin structure from chromosome conformation capture data

Cultural Heritage

Name Description

GIS for cultural heritage

Web platform to manage georeferenced data about underwater archeology. The platform is able to collects and merges together heterogeneous data both scientific and humanistic.

Sonar images analysis

Methods analyze the sonar images acquired by Underwater Autonomous Vehicles (AUVs) in order to discover object of interests. These methods generate a probability map with the highly probable zones highlighted. The AUVs perform a second and more precise acquisition of the highlighted zones.

Ancient document image restoration

Software package for the digitization of ancient documents, which is able to improve the readability and, eventually, discover hidden text. The package is able to manage recto/verso optical and multispectral images.

Environmental Monitoring, mobile app and crowd sourcing

Name Description


The Marine Information System (MIS) is an infrastructure, both software and hardware, devoted to the monitoring of marine zones. MIS collects heterogeneous data, provided from different sources, in order to discover and recognize oil spill alerts. The system is endowed also with proactive funcionalities in order to generate alert messages to be sent to the proper operators for the oill spill managent. 

Argo Sentinel

Argo Sentinel is a mobile application, developed for android smartphones, that allows anyone which has a smartphone to report the presence of oil spills.


Name Description

Texture variation and catalogs generation

Software system for image assisted cropping to automatically change the texture (color and pattern) of worn clothes. The system can be exploited to generate or enlarge online catalogs.

Flight on demand services 

Name Description


The laboratory cofinanced the development of an eightcopter to monitor environmental or structural changes. Currently, the drone is used in several activities of environmental 3D reconstruction (exploiting advanced photogrammetry techniques) and to discover and follow the asian predatory wasps to their hives.

Health and Well Being

Name Description


A platform for the home monitoring of patient affected by heart failure chronic disease. The platform is enriched by a decision suppor system that supports the physicians providing alert messages and advising about medical exams and pharmacological teraphy.

Medical Imaging

Software packages for devoted to radiological assistance. First package provides a procedure to automatically recognize pulmonary emphysema; second package calculates an innovative prognostic index (the amount of pericardial fat) which is correlated to cardiometabolic risk. For the second package a patent has been registered

Inspections and Not Destructive Test

Name Description


System, composed by a set of lights and cameras linked with a microscope, to check the tile quality. The system is able to recognize manufacturing and painting defects.

Gas combustion

In the ambits of a collaboration with ENEL, software analyzes the images provided by a Thermographic camera to monitoring the gas combustion in a turbine.

Smart Assistance

System of smart assystance for inspection of manufacturing defects and airplane damages through not destructive techniques. The personalized system drives the users in the different inspection phases suggesting technologies and procedures to be followed.

Smart Cameras and Embedded devices

Name Description

Sensor wireless network

Smart sensors, with vision logics, that can be configured to fulfill different objectives:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Ambient assisted living
  • Infomobility and Intelligent Traffic Systems

These sensors are equipped with a camera, they can be selfpowered and have visual intelligence capability: they are able to understand the scene and recognize simple events of interest. The sensors are currently used for the monitoring of traffic flow and parking slots.