SILab will attend the First Management Committee Meeting of the COST Action CA19121 “Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living – The GoodBrother” as Sara Colantonio is one of the two Italian members of the Action Management Committee. The venue will be online, to limit exposure to COVID-19 risks. The meeting will last two days, resulting in the election of Chairs and Vice Chairs of the various Working Groups of the Action and in the plan of managing procedures and research and networking activities.

The GoodBrother Action has been approved in April 2020 and will last four years. It aims to increase the awareness on the ethical, legal, and privacy issues associated to audio- and video-based monitoring and to propose privacy-aware working solutions for assisted living, by creating an interdisciplinary community of researchers and industrial partners from different fields (computing, engineering, healthcare, law, sociology) and other stakeholders (users, policy makers, public services), stimulating new research and innovation. GoodBrother will offset the “Big Brother” sense of continuous monitoring by increasing user acceptance, exploiting these new solutions, and improving market reach.