Design and development of HW/SW systems to diagnose, follow-up and monitor individuals’ health status, according to a patient-centric approach.


  • clinical stakeholders, supported during their daily routine;                       
  • patients and healthy people, aided for self-care and well-being, in their normal-life settings.


Remote monitor of chronic patients

In the last years, a new care model is gaining momentum being a viable and effective paradigm for the long-term follow-up of chronic patients: innovative technologies are employed to remotely monitor patients’ patho-physiological parameters so as to early detect possible exacerbation events. The final aim is reducing the number of hospitalization and improving patients’ quality of life. In this field, SI-Lab has gained expertise in the development of systems for the analysis and interpretation  of biomedical data acquired remotely and for decisional support of clinical stakeholders. 

Multimodal biomedical data analysis

Biomedical data acquired with different modalities are becoming a necessary ingredient of diagnosis and prognosis processes. A historic activity of SI-Lab  in this field is the development of SW applications for the feature-based characterization of 3D-4D images and signals and the integration of multimedia data, with the eventual aim of identifying novel diagnostic and prognostic markers.

Responsive multisensory environments for rehabilitation and re-education

SILab is developing responsive multisensory environments to support  rehabilitation and re-education for elderly patients suffering of neurodegenerative disorders or of mobility impairments and for children affected by  Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Self-assessment and self-monitoring of cardio-metabolic risk

In the field of well-being, SI-Lab is working on the setup of a multisensory mirror, the Wize Mirror, which will allow normal people to self-assess and self-monitor the risk for cardio-metabolic diseases.