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e-Res@mont project vying for RegioStar Awards

The Institute of Information Science and Technology and the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council have participated in the Interreg Alcotra EU project "e-Res@mont" which is a candidate for the RegioStars European Union Awards as the most innovative interregional project of 2019 in the category "Modernising health services".

The prizes are awarded by a jury nominated by the European Union and by the public. You have the chance to support e-Res@mont nomination connecting to the following address:
Then, please, search for e-Res@mont on the page and click on the related "thumb up" icon.

The project has been developed by the e-Res@mont network to fulfill the requirements of medical operators of the interested regions by developing an innovative platform of medical services (intended both for residents and tourists) that combines mountain medicine with new potential aiming at increasing safety of remote mountain areas and at preventing their depopulation.

In particular, telemedicine services have been experimented and validated in five refuges in the Valle d'Aosta as well as in three clinical centers and at the main Hospital in the Valle d'Aosta Region. Measurements of physiological parameters were also made, together with electrocardiograms and ultrasound when needed.

During the experimentation, a total of 702 teleconsultations were carried out using the e-Res@mont platform, avoiding to reduce the number of emergency treatments in the hospital and of helicopter flights, allowing for a saving of over 75,000 Euros. In conclusion, e-Res@mont has brought to life a sustainable approach for more efficient, prompt and personalized care in remote regions such as high mountain areas.