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Dynamics and Complexity Pisa 2019 (DCP19)

1 July, 2019. SILab is contributing to the organization of the Workshop "Dynamics and Complexity Pisa 2019 (DCP19)" which will be held at the CNR Research Area in Pisa from 1st to 3rd July 2019.

The main aim of DCP19 is to discuss some of the most important current researches on complex systems, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary research areas, also including biological and neuro-physiological applications.

The main topic will be:

  • Statistical Mechanics and Dynamical Systems
  • Biophysics and Neural Dynamics
  • Neuro-physiology and cardiology
  • Brain-Mind-Boby: new challenges for the complexity science
  • Climate dynamics and socio-economic impacts

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