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MOSCARDO technologies being tested on the field in Leghorn

3-5 October 2017. MOSCARDO project aims at developing integrated technologies to perform sophisticated and effective assessments of the conservation status of masonry constructions and to monitor their behavior over time. 

In this context, an experimental campaign was conducted on 3-5 October 2017 to measure the ambient vibrations of the "Voltone", a large vaulted masonry structure located beneath "Piazza della Repubblica" in Leghorn. Accelerometers provided by the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Florence and sensors developed in MOSCARDO project by EIS S.r.l were installed on the intrados of the vault. Data recorded during the three-days experiments will allow the dynamic identification of the structure. In future months, several other campaigns will be carried out in Leghorn, included an aerial survey of the "Fortezza Vecchia" by means of drones equipped with visible and IR cameras. 

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