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Intesa project presented at Buongiorno Regione Toscana (italian)
Intesa project presentation at Medicina33 (italian)
When you look into a Wize Mirror, it looks back at you. It is a prototype of a smart mirror that detects disease symptoms. The mirror's reflective surface has a touch interface which allows the user to interact with a computer system fitted with multispectral cameras, 3D scanner and a breath analyser. A face recognition system automatically identifies the user. The Wize Mirror is being developed by researchers at the European research project "SEMEOTICONS".
A brief presentation of the "Wize Mirror", the mirror, realized in SEMEOTICONS project, able to help you to stay healthy
Wize Mirror presentation.
SEMEOTICONS staff and wize mirror components testing activity
Description of the Wize Sniffer, a component of the Wize mirror devoted to analyze user exhaled
An example how Wize Mirror works
An example how Wize Mirror works
Presentation of SEMEOTICONS project
Description of SEMI (Sistema Espressivo Multicanale) project. The outcome of the project is to provide a tool able to increase interaction of people suffering autism spectrum syndrome through a set of interactive games(Italian)


ICT for the sea

Description of ARGOMARINE system. A system able to monitor maritime activities and early detect oil spill emergencies
Description of ARGOMARINE project. The project aims at realizing a system devoted to the monitoring of maritime activities and detection of oil spill emergencies
                            Project official video - Short version with subtitles
                            Project official video - Long version with subtitles
Description of Laboratory activity in the ambit of THESAURUS project: the development of a 3D system to virtual explore underwater site
Description of Tifone: the Thesaurus AUV
Thesaurus Informative Sysyem. A Web-based platform to manage historical information
Exploitation of optical cameras in Thesaurus project
First experiment technical equipment of the Thesaurus AUVs



Real Time Image Analysis for parking slots and traffic flow monitoring
Drones and smart cameras devoted to parking slots and traffic flow monitoring (Italian)
Drones and smart cameras devoted to parking slot monitoring
Set up of SIMPLE sensor network


Sensorized environment

Si DO RE MI project description (Italian)
Test phase of Si DO RE MI project
TGR news, broadcasted by RAI 3 television channel, about Laboratory activity focused on development of a system for rehabilitation of patient suffering autism spectrum disorders (Italian)


Planck: cocktail cosmic is served (italian)