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Automation and monitoring

SI-Lab has co-funded the realization of a custom advanced drone used for automatic environmental monitoring.

SI-Lab is employing the drone equipped with visible and thermal high-resolution and 3D cameras for spatial reconstruction,  video surveillance, environmental monitoring and system assisted inspection.

Within the VELUTINA project (, funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, a multisensory device assembled on the drone, based on visual and thermic cues, is used for a remote approach to real-time bee tracking. Within EU ICSI ( and MOBIWALLET ( projects the drone is employed to control on-board video technologies used for sustainable mobility. In particular, in agreement with PisaMo (Azienda per la Mobilità SpA, Pisa), the drone is used to support the optimal displacement of smart cameras networks capable of inspecting in real-time vehicle traffic and parking in selected areas of the city.