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Informatic Unit

Informatic Unit (IU) provides hardware and software support to all scientific, technical and research activities of the laboratory staff.

In order to fulfill the several laboratory requirements, IU manages a computers and devices network, which can be configured for dedicated specific tasks, installed into a professional rack cabinet located in the machine room of the CNR Research Area in Pisa.

Si network schema

IU is also devoted to the development and management of the SI-Lab Websites and social media accounts.

Equipment & Tools

  • Brocade switch. The switch has 48 standard ports and 4 10-Gigabit ports;
  • Supercomputing cluster. The cluster machines are all reacheable through the ISTI network and share each other a private network. The private network is used to share computing jobs through the cluster itself and to manage a network file system in order to avoid huge data transfer operations. The cluster is composed of:
    • 7 Mac-mini;
    • 1 Mac pro;
    • 1 Server Supermicro;
  • Server Supermicro configured with XenServer in order to manage several Virtual Machines;
  • OwnCloud server (equipped with 2 TeraByte disk) to share, among the staff, documents, articles, presentations algorythms, deliverables, etc;
  • FreeNAS network disk (2 TeraByte) to archive old work materials such as documents, articles, presentations algorythms, deliverables, etc.