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BIO-ICT Lab UNIT (BIU) was created in 2017 by the joint action of SI-Lab and the Institute of Biophysics (IBF) in Pisa. The main purpose is to combine Computer Science paradigms with nanotechnologies introducing machine learning methods and Artificial Intelligence into nanostructured devices.

BIU research scans from basic research to specific application, where the target is product innovation, also in strict cooperation with SMEs.

Smarts Materials

In the field of product innovation BIU studies properties of smart materials able to interact with the environment. To this end, BIU performs R&D activity by studying sensors and machine learning algorithms useful to evaluate or simulate specific properties of the examined materials. Materials have nanoscale dimensions, so that novel functionalities can be added to already available materials, such as ceramics glass, polymers, semiconducting metals as already occur in nautical, sensors, building, medical and aerospace technologies.

From the sole molecule to innovation product

BIU goal is to plan and to test smart materials by bottom up techniques and natural computing.

Enterprises Consultancy Service

Computer science and nanotechnologies can be applied to a wide range of products and then BIU aims at supporting enterprises which ask for innovative products.

Expertise and Technology

BIU expertise ranges from ICT to Physics and materials engineering, in particular to image and signal analysis and understanding, statistical data analysis, machine learning and decision support systems.

Equipment & Tools

  • Optical microscope
  • Stereo microscope
  • Potentiostat
  • Wize-sniffer
  • Computational systems