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MareTech Unit

MareTech Unit (MTU) was created by the joint action of the SI-Lab and the Comune of Marciana Marina.

The activity of MTU regards:

  • Research and testing of sea and marine environment technologies;
  • Human-environment interaction;
  • Scientific formation for student of middle and high school;
  • Technological incubator for advanced solutions in the marine field;
  • Organization of seminars and workshops.

MareTech activities span from basic research to specific applications, where the target is product innovation, also in strict cooperation with SMEs.

MTU is interested in several fields, such as pollution, marine archaeology, oceans engineering, and informatics and electronics.

Equipment & Tools

  • Sensorized buoy
  • Marine Information System (HW/SW infrastructure for monitoring marine areas)
  • Oil spill interactive alerting device
  • Argosentinel (mobile application for pollution signaling)
  • Marine Virtual Environment (virtual reality tool for interactive exploration of underwater scenarios)