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Body Sensing Unit

Body Sensing Unit (BSU) focuses on activities regarding biometrics and related applications.

BSU promotes advanced multidisciplinary research in biomedicine (assistive technologies, e-health and Well-Being), entertainment (multimedia interactive systems) and virtual and augmented reality (cultural heritage, education and training).

BSU cooperates with several private and public institutions (Onlus, Associations, Foundations, Universities, Research Centers and Industrial Companies) in the frame of national and international projects.

BSU activities are carried out exploiting own HW/SW resources and devices (sensors, interfaces, etc.), whilst, in conjunction with the Optoelectronics Unit, BSU also develops and tests dedicated prototypical systems.

Equipment & Tools

  • 3D Beamer EPSON TW 6000
  • Screen 4,00m x 2,25m
  • Dedicated pc with dual channel video card
  • EEG Headset Emotiv EPOC
  • EEG Headset Neurosky Mindwave
  • Audio multichannel interface Audiofire
  • Biamped monitor speakers TASCAM
  • Biamped monitor speakers
  • Microsoft Kinect sensor
  • Microsoft Kinect 2 sensors
  • Triaxal wrist accelerometer Texas Instruments CHRONO
  • Sensor interfacing card Eobody 3 Live Sensor Controller Pack
  • Camera AVC CCD Velleman
  • Camera CCD Zodiac with integraed an infrared illuminator
  • 3D Camera
  • Ultrasound, infrared, flexion, pressure and vibration sensors