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Open Position - Research Grant for VERO Project

The Signals and Images Laboratory of ISTI-CNR (National Research Council of Italy) is looking for possible candidates for a two-year research grant (28,000 EURO per year) for the VERO Project. The official announcement (in Italian) is available here:  

The deadline for application is May 18, 2020.

The research topics will focus on Augmented Reality applied to art and cultural heritage.

Requirements: MSc, age less than 36 years, experience related to the VERO project topics (see details below).

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Topics: The topics envisaged in the VERO project are those relating to Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies, together with the development of applications for mobile platforms.

Project abstract: The Pinocchio Park, born from the book "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Lorenzini, allows reliving the emotions and events of the beloved and most known Italian book in the world. Inside the Pinocchio Park, the Venturi's Piazzetta contains valuable mosaics inspired by the book and created by Tuscan sculptor Venturino Venturi. The intention of the cultural operators in the supply chain is to use a non-invasive technological solution that can highlight the artistic value of the Piazzetta. In this context, the "Interactive Virtuality in the Pinocchio Park" project (Italian acronym VERO) has the objective to explore the potential offered by the most modern technologies including wearable ones both for the production of new contents and for the enhancement and the enrichment of the regional cultural offer, evaluating virtual and augmented reality (AR) thematic itineraries.

Specifically, the proposed solution is based on the use of AR techniques to make the visit to the Piazzetta more engaging while keeping its unique style. The visitor, framing the scenes of the mosaics with augmented reality glasses, or with a common smartphone, will be able to display a three-dimensional animation, specially created by digital artists, integrated with the real scene, giving the illusion that the mosaic comes alive in space. 

For the research and development activity, it is planned to study the use of the various frameworks dedicated to Augmented Reality currently available for the various development environments of multi-platform 3D graphic applications, in order to develop apps that make the content accessible to the visitor in augmented reality mode.
Besides common smartphones based on Android and iOS systems, it is planned to implement and test the use of smart glasses dedicated to augmented reality (e.g. Epson Moverio), capable of providing more immersive user experience.

In addition to the first-person experience within the Park, it is planned to study the possibility of making available another version of the smartphone application, capable of operating by interacting with an illustrated photographic book of the mosaics to be delivered to visitors during the visit.