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Smart Park at Lucca

Funded by: Fondazione CaRi Lucca

Start date 20 August 2016     End date 19 May 2019

Keywords: Urban mobility; Smart cameras; Parking monitoring; Smart cities

Looking for a parking is a common problem of all city drivers. It has been estimated that the 30% of the traffic in the rush hours are caused by the car that search for a parking. These cars increase the traffic congestion and the emission of carbon dioxide and are often the cause of stress and delays. To drastically decrease the time spent to look for a parking, the driver should be guided towards available parking. Automatic parking monitoring is one of the most relevant issues of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Generally, monitoring exploits pervasive technologies such as Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), magnetic movement and electromagnetic sensors installed into the asphalt; these ones are highly reliable but the installation and management expense is a limit for big parking areas. Exploiting innovative computer vision techniques, it is possible to accomplish this task by automatically analysing videos of the monitored parking.

SP@Lucca aims at realizing an informative system based on a network of smart cameras able to monitoring one or more parking area. Each camera will be a low cost solution able to recognize the parking occupation and to identify available or unavailable parking slots promptly and with a high efficiency.

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