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Servizi Ict iNTegrati per il bEnessere di Soggetti frAgili

Funded by: PAR-FAS

Start date 8 September 2016     End date 8 March 2019

Website (Italian)

Keywords: long-term care; e-Health services; well-being

INTESA aims at realizing a suite of personal and personalized services to guarantee the well-being of vulnerable people by involving innovative technologies highly configurable and enriching their functionalities with high research and development skills in the ambits of e-health, e-inclusion, sensor networks and data mining. Services will be modular and independent but will exploit a common interface towards a software platform dedicated to data gathering and analysis and able to early identify vulnerability condition and to prevent its worsening verifying changes in the subject functional, clinical, cognitive and psychological state. Service suit will be extendable and integrable with new application and technologies for home and outdoor monitoring.