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Funded under: PAR-FAS

Sistema di Elementi avanzati multi Layer basato su superFici e materiali Innovativi nanostrutturati per una Edilizia sostenibili ed energicamente efficiente

From 2016-03-16 duration 24 months


Selfie aims at designing, developing and realizing innovative and high performance components and systems for buildings. The project purpose is to promotes the cooperation among the involved companies with the research center available in Tuscany, in order to design such innovative components. These components will be characterized with an innovative technical-scientific content and will able to fulfill the regulation requirements (energy saving, indoor comfort, structural safety, accessibility), meanwhile, respecting the environment. Project outcomes will also include the realization of an original procedural methodology, exploited by the company partners, to develop and realize the prototypal components.

Selfie will use innovative materials and plant engineering solutions aiming at developing and realizing combined wall component, composed by transparent and opaque modules where integrate multilayer panel system. The panel system is composed by nano-structured materials and surfaces and can be integrated with energy production systems such as new generation solar panels.

Innovative casing component aiming at guaranteeing:

  • Energetic consumption and CO2 emission reduction;
  • Wellness and health;
  • Indoor and outdoor pollution reduction;
  • Energy production;
  • Integrated performance control system.