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Real-time response piezoelectric biosensors for environmental and agrifood applications

Start date 30 April 2013     End date 29 April 2016

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Keywords: Piezoelectric sensors; biotech; environment; agri-food safety

The project aims at realizing an immunosensor based on quartz crystal microbalances. Quartz crystal microbalances are used in an innovative photophysical technique for antibodies immobilization. With this immobilization technique, it is possible to realize biosensors based on quartz crystal microbalances to survey pesticides and allergens in several different cases (such as fruit and vegetables and water). In order to obtain a sensor of interest for companies, a synergy among the following actors is sought:

  • scientific research group able to study microscopic events;
  • industrial partners able to facilitate the usage of the product;
  • research organizations that understand the requirements of the communities potentially interested in the product and that might provide useful information about the product itself;
  • environmental associations interested in the product application in several fields (such as local administrations and public organizations)