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Funder by: Fondazione CaRi Lucca

Start date 2 July 2014 End date 31 October 2016

Keywords: multisensory experience; augmented interaction; assistive technology

WB@Lucca aims at realizing a mobile platform dedicatated to provide a set of personal and personalized services based on innovative and not invasive ICT technologies, in order to increase life quality and well-being of Lucca citizen and stimulate social solidarity.

Wb@Lucca focuses on a specific user category: elderly which tend to adopt sedentary behaviors, often with rehabilitation problems, wrong eating habits and social isolation. Wb@Lucca offers a set of services and applications for mobile devices focused on improvement of life condition, increasing autonomy and also providing a useful support to the family.

Wb@Lucca is developed inthe ambits of the project as a protipal software platform, extensible with additional services and application in the same field.

In particular, the platform include services to:

  • stimulate physical activity in home environment exploiting werable sensors to monitor exercise correctness. This monitoring is also integrated with physiological parameters acquired by other sensors (such as heartbeat and pressure) in order to obtain health status
  • monitor daily caloric consumption, related with alimentation and physical activity in order to suggest the best diet;
  • monitor and stimulate user social interaction through personal mobile devices (such as smartphones) easy to use. In this case, by enabling device-to-device communication the system will be albe to automatically monitor user social interaction.