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Prevention, Imaging, Network and Knowledge

Funded under: Fondazione Umberto Veronesi


Start date 23 Februay 2018     End date 1 October 2022

 Keywords: Breast cancer screening; Artificial Intelligence; Radiomics

Screening activities are undoubtedly our best ally against the spread of oncological pathologies. In the case of breast cancer, the screening program mainly encompasses radiological investigations based on mammography. However, other diagnostic modalities may prove to be crucial in the early detection of a tumour lesion, in relation to the peculiarity of the breast tissue and to the different types of cancer.
The P.I.N.K study - Prevention, Imaging, Network and Knowledge - is an important national research project, funded by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, which aims to evaluate the validity of the different imaging methods. Led by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of CNR of Pisa, P.I.N.K. sees the participation of numerous public and private radiological centres throughout Italy. The main goal is to identify the diagnostic imaging technique, among mammography, ultrasound and tomosynthesis, or the combination of techniques that may better suit an individual woman thus ensuring to detect promptly potential tumour.
SILab collaborates in the project by working, jointly with IFC, on the creation of the digital infrastructure for the collection and management of epidemiological data from the centres that collaborate with the study. The infrastructure provides, as part of the so-called Imaging Petal of the project, the storage of image data for supporting the application of innovative investigation techniques based on radiomics for the identification of new biomarkers relevant to phenotyping cancer cases.