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Virtualità intErattiva nel paRco di pinOcchio

Funded under: POR FSE 2014 -2020

Start date 1 June 2020    End date 31 May 2022


Keywords: Augmented reality; Cultural heritage; Interaction design

ICT technologies can foster understanding and fruition of cultural heritage supporting and enriching of the visitors experience. In particular, augmented reality (AR) systems can encourage greater and wider involvement of the public. Moreover, they can be useful for overcoming cognitive barriers, for a more inclusive access. In this project we will create a special AR based app for the Pinocchio Park, located in Collodi (Tuscany). The mosaics in the Piazzetta di Venturino Venturi, inside the Park, will be animated with original 3D contents, thanks to AR technologies. The visitors, by framing the scenes of the mosaics (depicting book episodes) with the device, will be able to view 3D animations perfectly integrated with the real scene, giving the illusion that the mosaic comes alive in the space. The AR app will be available both on dedicated wearable viewers (delivered by the staff at the entrance of the park) and via smartphone app, freely downloadable. The 3D animated contents will be carried out by digital artists, collaborators of Alma Artis Academy in Pisa, under the artistic supervision of the Collodi Foundation.