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Domestic Adaptation for personal Autonomy

Funder by: Regione Toscana

Start date 30 May 2017    End date 29 November 2018

Website (Italian)

Keywords: personal autonomy, quality of life, assistive technologies, technology transfer

ADA Project (Domestic Adaptation for personal Autonomy) was created to improve the accessibility of disabled people in their living environments, was selected by the International Design for All Foundation as "Good practices 2017": in particular, the Project aimed at promoting the overcoming and elimination of the architectural barriers present in the homes of people with disabilities, with the main objective of acting on the personal autonomy and on the quality of life of the family unit.

A team made up of several professional figures carried out consultancy activities by going personally to the homes of people with disabilities. The on-site inspection was followed by the drafting of a technical consultancy to improve the autonomy of living with design interventions concerning the spaces of the house, its furnishings, equipment, technological systems and room automation. For this reason, the project can be thought of as a "public good" that aspires to raise the social well-being of communities thanks to the cultural processes it activates and its social and educational content.